No Surrender

I hate to say it but, I feel like shit! A big pile of hot funky shit! Lol… there I’ve said it. It feels food to be back at my desk spreading the reality of mental illness. I like to do things my way and my way only. I am a creature of habit… my habit. If things seem a bit out of the box and out of place, its because that’s the way I like it! Now, back to shit… I’ve been in shelter for about nine to ten months. When I say shelter what I mean is… not communicating with folks outside of my immediate family, not going places, not wanting to do anything outside of my daily house routine, angry, just really shut down. I guess we can say that’s depression, but I’m tired of saying depressed….IT FUCKING MAKES ME DEPRESSED! I mean Sheltered. Anyway…i’m starting to feel stronger. I refuse to let mental illness (we have to find a different word for that too) win. Are you kidding me, or should I say am I kidding me. My ego is way to big for that. I am secretly a very competitive person. I want what I want and I will get it. What I want right now is to get our voices, our thoughts, our feelings heard. I want to be free! I want to be happy! I WANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD! My promise is to post at least one blog a day, no matter the fight!


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