Do I fee like writing this…Hell NO! But I want to t write this, I need to tell this! So like I’ve said I’ve been in shelter mood. One of the things that gave me motivation was when I bumped into a friend and she asked me about my blog/podcast. Are you kidding me I was pumped, but when I had to tell her I was in shelter and blocking my own blessings I began to feel like shit! She then told me that what I had done in the past had helped her. Just me being honest and bold enough to tell my stories had helped someone….WOW! That’s when I knew I had to get back to the hustle…Mental Hustle that is! I’ve actually never stopped…my brain works everyday all day. It consumes everything else, you’re so tired from thinking and thinking and thinking. Take me for example…there is always a song playing somewhere in my head, I would tell you what that current song is but when I stop to think about it…it’s gone! So now I’m sitting here thinking how the hell is it gone when I need it….no answer….just fucking blank! I don’t understand how for months I couldn’t get my mind to stop racing, stop over thinking, stop singing those damn songs but the one time I sit down to think about what I’m thinking…I ain’t thinking shit! AHHHHH! I’m so use to always thinking about something that when I don’t think about anything I CAN’T DEAL! I don’t like quietness….even in my own head!


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