Hell Naw, Well maybe just the…one!

Back at it! Meds have been on my mind as something to talk about.Now, these are my beliefs, feelings, and thoughts…don’t get your panties all in a bunch! I FUCKING HATE MEDS! Well at least man made, non natural, mental medication. That shit sucks! The worst thing about them is the side effects…hallucinations, seizures, feelings of electrical shock….SPEECHLESS. I’m never speechless! Why would… matter of fact how does a medicine that has so many different side effects help me to cope with the problems I’m having? Maybe because I will be to busy talking to someone who isn’t here…I already talk to myself all fucking day. The last thing I need is for my family to see me talking to the air, they already think I’m nuts for answering myself. I think your nuts if you don’t answer yourself…what is the reason for talking if I’m not going to talk back…DUH!  Anyway back to those millions of pills that the psych doctors don’t mind giving you over and over again. I told my doctor I wasn’t a pill popper and to shove it! To this day he is still pushing meds and getting me out the door. I don’t even know how he is prescribing them because I don’t take any…I have to admit… I freaking scared of the side effects and the long term effects. With all that being said I do have to say I take one…one  pill. You may or may not know it as Quetiapine or Seroquil. Two reasons why I take it 1. it calms me down when I am to anxious, 2. its side effect are like smoking a fat one…hungry, happy, sleepy! All I’m saying is give us another option. Don’t make pills the go to for mental illness…unless they work and are not dangerous, or the person wants them! I personally don’t want them, I would like to see more person to person interaction, more group meetings, more personal therapy sessions (that’s another topic), life coaches, classes anything but another pills bottle!


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