Stepping Out

I think it’s my anxiety, but when I’m comfortable with something that’s the way I like it. I expect it to be done the same way every time to get the same results. I am a very routine person and if you intervene with my routine, by bipolar kicks in. For instance, I like to take the same route to work every day, say there was a detour and I was forced to take another route. Baby let me tell you the first person I see is going to get they head bit off. I’m going to be very angry and most likely have a bad day. I don’t like change and I have a hard time coming out of my comfort zone. It makes me nervous and defensive. Today I spoke with a very intelligent, genius-like friend of mine and he gave me some tips and suggestions on my work. Now instantly I became nervous and my mind started racing! I started doubting myself and all the work I had done all within a few seconds. I was comfortable with how I was doing things, I didn’t want to talk about it anymore. I didn’t know if I wanted to write again. When I had gotten off the phone I realized that he would not have told me to do these thing if he didn’t believe in me and my work. I needed to put on my big girl panties, step outside my comfort zone and get back to it! With the help of his tips and suggestions of course, that I did ask for! Thank you so much GENIUS-LIKE FRIEND OF MINE!



  1. I use to feel the same way about being routine. I hated change, I hated trying new things, because I felt the new things wouldn’t work for me. I recently stepped outside of my comfort zone and started doing things spontaneously, and boa I tell you I couldnt have ever made a better decision than stepping out on faith. Going a different route sometime you see new things, experience different opportunities. The moment you step outside your comfort zone is the moment your success grows.


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